Kennel Routine
Whilst You Board
With Us
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Our current kennel routine

The sound of music lets our guests know it’s time to rise, doors are opened and the guests are let out into their own exclusive run.
Each guest is given an individual visit  to make sure they are well before each boarder is walked individually, with an individual member of staff. Dogs from the same family may be walked together

Breakfast. We have a full range of food products available, but please be sure to let us know if you have special requirements for your dog. Individual needs are catered for but must be supplied by the owner. Feed charts are completed and all movements and dietary habits are monitored.
Medication (where necessary) is administered and charts are updated.

All guests are moved to their bedding area to allow them to settle while each run is given a tidy up and made ready for the day.

The unit is opened up to allow each guest time to have interactive play with our staff.

10.30 to 13.30
Our guests are monitored but not disturbed unless necessary, leaving them to have that morning nap after their walk.

13.30 to 16.30
During this time our guests are given individual walks, with ball play, frisbee, or for our older members just a good old fuss.

A quick walk around the paddock before tea.

18.00 to 18.30
Evening meal.
Diet charts are completed and special needs catered for including required medication.
Lights on (depending on time of year)

19.30 to 22.00
Guests are tucked in with a quick treat, lights out and music off / or turned down if preferred.